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LSB Registry Application Instructions

We prefer to track all namespace management actions publicly. Please set up an account and file a new bug at: , under Product: LANANA and Component: "/opt/ namespace assignment"

When applying for a name in LSB namespaces for Init Scripts, Cron Scripts, Package Names or Provider Names, please perform the following steps for a faster action on a submission:

  1. Check LANANA's web pages to see if the name you wish to reserve is still available.
  2. It speeds the review process when the bug filing also contains the following information:

Some of this is suggested by the email account used to file a bug, but, there are obvious ways that exceptions may occur. Please help and remove ambiguity. We will try and respond to your request in a timely fashion. If there is a need for intervention, please send such a request to the LSB mailing list , or consult the last monthly email at that archive for alternative points of contact.

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