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LSB Cron Script Name Registry

The Cron Script Name Registry defines a reserved list of script names to be used in the /etc/cron.d directory on an LSB-compliant installation, by an LSB-compliant application or distribution.

Hierarchical Namespace Alternatives: Instead of applying for an LSB Cron Script Name, it is also possible to use a script name that begins with your fully qualified Internet domain name (FQDN in lower case) or your LSB Provider Name. For further details, see the System Initialization chapter of the LSB Core specification.

Restrictions: The LSB cron script names assigned by LANANA will only consist of the ASCII characters [-a-z0-9].

References: See the System Initialization chapter of the LSB specification.

To obtain a new LSB Cron Script name assignment, submit your request according to these instructions. In case of problems, contact the the LSB registrar:

Jeff Licquia, Linux Foundation lsb @

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